Ryan's journey with glass began in his back yard shed in Arcata, CA in 1996.  He has been thriving as a glass blower ever since. Best known among the glass community for his endeavor as founder of 101 North Glass Inc. (1997 - 2003), Ryan has been a positive force in the glass art movement over the years through his training and instruction, his building of glass shops, his own production and technique development and most importantly, his sense of humor.  Ryan's recent work has centered around the use of his honeycomb millefiori and is available for sale at ryanteurfs.com

1382 Gravenstein Hwy South #D Sebastopol CA 95472 US              +1.7078248422            brenna@westcountyglass.com

Open Hours: Tues - Fri 10:00 to 6:00; Sat & Sun by appointment.