Private Instruction

Session TopicsLengthOne PersonTwo People
Intro to Solid2 hours$200$300 ($150 per person)The prerequisite for beginners. Become familiar with the materials and equipment used and following a series of demos, create two different pendants. Skills learned include flame cutting, cold sealing, gathering, position and rotation, loops and bails.
Intro to Hollow4 hours$350$500 ($250 per person)Learn to manipulate hollow tubes to create a vessel.  Create a shot glass and small bud vase. Skills learned include point pulling, basic color application, basic hollow shaping including the use of breath and shaping tools.
Solid Implossion4 hours$350$500 ($250 per person)This is the next step to the intro to solid session. Skill building focuses on the process of imploding color into solid clear glass to create various three-dimensional effects. Participants should have some experience with working solid glass including pulling stringers.
Basic Linework Millefiori5 hours$500$800 ($400 per person)Learn from the best in the art how to prep for and create a single opposing spiral (aka reversal) millefiori cane. Participants keep the cane they make as well as the cane made by Ryan during the demo part of the session.
Deluxe Linework Millefiori8 hours$650$900 ($450 per person)Those who wish to broaden their understanding of linework millefiori will learn all of the prep and start-to-finish techniques for borders, basket weaves and other more complex linework patterns. Participants will keep the cane they make as well as the cane Ryan makes. 
Basic Franchini Millefiori8 hours$700$950 ($475 per person)Learn to create a basic image cane (typically a yin yang though image is open for discussion) in the Franchini style with murrine building and pulling techniques followed by a brief discussion on cold working. Participants will keep 100 grams of the cane Ryan makes in addition to their own.

We offer one and two-person private sessions in the art of glass flameworking.  Rates are listed below by topic. Raw materials and supplies are provided at no additional cost.  In some cases, participants have the option to rent their work bench immediately following instruction for the remainder of day at no additional cost. To schedule a private instruction session, call us at (707) 824-8422.  Gift certificates for instruction are available upon request. Participants must be at least 18 years of age.



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